OT History – Part 11

In the Old Testament Historical Books class tonight, we’ll be focusing on 1 Samuel 10-15.  More specifically, we’ll be looking at the reign and fall of Saul.

The notes for tonight’s class can be found here:

Here are the questions that I’ve challenged the class to think through in preparation for tonight:

  1. Read 1 Samuel 10-15
    • These chapters smell like the book of Judges in several ways – identify as many as you can.
  2. We’re given hints of David twice in this section of Scripture.  Identify them.
  3. Try to identify a three step ascension of Saul:
    • Designation
    • Demonstration
    • Confirmation
  4. Samuel prophesies and gives some specific instructions to Saul in 1 Samuel 10:2-8.
    • When he tells him in verse 7 to “do what your hand finds to do,” what do you think Samuel has in mind?
  5. In Chapter 11, we read of the Ammonites going up against Jabesh-gilead.  When (in the Old Testament History we’ve been discussing) did we last hear of Jabesh-gilead?
  6. Pay close attention to 15:17-29.  Here Samuel identifies Saul’s disobedience to the Lord.
    • What exactly has Saul done?
    • Does this seem clear cut to you?
    • Do Samuel’s words to Saul in verse 15:26 seem a little harsh? 

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