Photographing NT Greek Manuscripts

I stumbled across an interesting article today on the Lincoln Journal Star page about Dr. Daniel B. Wallace down at Dallas Theological Seminary.  Dr. Wallace is undertaking a project to photograph 1.3 million pages of Greek New Testament manuscripts.

Read the whole article here.  Below are a few sample:

Wallace aims to create high-quality facsimiles of many such pieces not only to aid the work of scholars and professors, but also to preserve history for everyone — whatever their religion or interest.

“The average Greek New Testament manuscript has about 550 pages,” Wallace said. “Optimally, a team can shoot 1,200 to 1,800 pages a day, depending on the size and condition of the manuscript.”

An expedition to Albania last summer yielded new excitement: His team found a treasure trove of manuscripts. The group had expected to work with 13 known manuscripts, but instead found that the National Archive in Tirana listed 47 New Testament manuscripts. At least 17 were unknown to Western scholars.


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