Engineers of Jihad?

Engineers are unique people.  Most of us will tell you that.  OgarBut most of us would never conclude what a controversial Oxford University study concluded:

Islamic terrorists are more likely to be engineers than members of any other profession–and not because engineers possess superior technological skills.

You can read the Oxford paper here or read a brief summary article that EE Times put out titled, Holy War! Researchers say EEs have a ‘terrorist mindset’.

I have to admit that part of me felt a little exposed as I read the article:

The authors note that the mindset is universal.

Whether American, Canadian or Islamic, they pointed out that a disproportionate share of engineers seem to have a mindset that makes them open to the quintessential right-wing features of “monism” (why argue where there is one best solution) and by “simplism” (if only people were rational, remedies would be simple).


~ by toddbumgarner on March 20, 2008 5:53 am.

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