Performance Reviews & Involuntary Attrition

It’s performance review time at work.  A time of year of mystery, suspense, and disgruntled-ness.  Read as Paul Rako muses of workspace performance reviews, firings, and “involuntary attrition” in his blog post Cisco doesn’t fire people; they allow “involuntary attrition”.


While we talk about ranking I have a few opinions on why this I so evil. First off it presupposes you have a mediocre organization—that there is always 10% of the people that need to get fired in every single department. When I was at National a manager came up with another reason it was stupid—he said he could fire 10% of his people every year. Then he would have to go hire someone new. And who was in the job pool? All the other 10% losers. So he wasn’t really getting rid of a bad employee, he would just be trading one bad one for another bad one.

The embedded link, “An article making fun of this is here” expounds on the concept of “involuntary attrition.”


~ by toddbumgarner on March 18, 2008 12:12 pm.

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