Jesus Rose from the Dead, But Will We?

Christian Today has an article on their website today reporting some recent survey results in Britain.  I find the following quite mind-capturing as we contemplate Easter:

  • 57% of people questioned in the ComRes poll said they believe that Jesus was executed by crucifixion, buried and rose from the dead, with over half of those (30% of the total sample) accepting the traditional Christian belief in the bodily resurrection of Christ and the rest (27%) believing that Jesus rose in spirit form.  
  • Over half of people said they believe in some kind of existence after death, although most of those (44% of the total) believe that ‘your spirit lives on after death’. Only 9% said they believe in a personal physical resurrection

Read the whole thing here for some other stats and insights.  The 9% belief in a personal resurrection really got to me.   

~ by toddbumgarner on March 17, 2008 8:43 am.

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