On Death and the Viewing

Matt Jenson has a sobering post over at the Scriptorium regarding the death of close friends, the viewing, and thoughts of resurrection.

His concluding paragraph is as follows:

To be human is to be a body. It may be more than that, but never less. Seeing Midi and Nathan lying dead reminded me of the doggedly persistent fact of our embodiment. In that moment, it was difficult, uncomfortable. I didn’t want to think of them as these dead bodies in front of me. But viewings are about more than facing the present darkness. They are also about recalling the light of resurrection. This tent may collapse, but God is pitching a far greater one for us at the Last Day, that day on which we will be ‘further clothed’, that day on which we will be, once again and also for the first time, fully available to and for one another.

Read the whole thing here.


~ by toddbumgarner on March 11, 2008 4:46 am.

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