The Reason for God – Interview with Author

I’ve been (slowly) reading Keller’s The Reason for God and so when I came across this interview with Keller, I took notice.  It’s a really good (and long) interview.

A couple of highlights:

Keller on the “consumeristic” view of Church (aka: “what is/has God doing/done for me?”):

I think, when I was a younger man, if somebody said, “It doesn’t work for me,” I think the right answer, as you just alluded, is “What do you mean ‘work for you’? You should be doing this because God is God and you’re not. And he’s the Lord and you’re his servant. What are you talking about ‘work for you’? You’re being selfish, you’re being individualistic, you’re being a consumer” Now, even though that’s probably true (laughs), I’ll try to find out what the specifics are, and usually the person’s got some real—the individualistic culture’s created this victim mentality and this feeling like God’s gotta be there to meet my needs.

Keller on megachurches and how Redeemer (his church) is different:

I found that if you define megachurch as anything over two thousand people, then yes, then we are. But here’s four ways in which we’re not a megachurch, or we don’t do things people associate with megachurches. One is, we do no advertising or publicity of any sort, except I’m trying to get the book out there so people read it and have their lives changed by it, but Redeemer’s never advertised or publicized. And the reason is, if a person walks in off the street just because they’ve heard about Redeemer through advertising, and they have questions or they want to get involved, there’s almost no way to do it unless you have all kinds of complicated programs, places where they can go. But if they come with a friend who already goes there, their questions are answered naturally, the next steps happen organically, the connections they want to make happen naturally . . . We do not want a crowd of spectators. We want a community.

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