If Solomon Was So Wise…

We’ve been working through the Old Testament Historical Books in our Sunday morning young adult class and for the last couple of weeks, we were talking about Solomon (1 Ki 1-11).

One person in class kept asking the question, “If Solomon was so wise, why did he fall away like he did?”  The basic foundation behind this question is: I just don’t understand how we can be told that Solomon was so stinkin’ wise if he was so easily led astray by foreign women and their gods.

I’ve been pondering this for a while and was just recently helped by an article by Tim Challies, Outgrowing the Need for Grace. 

Tim does an excellent job of taking this question on, answering the question with respect to Solomon, and then applying what we can learn from all of this.

Most helpful for me was this (from near the end of Tim’s article):

Wisdom and discernment, then, are character traits that, like the moon, can wax and wane. They are gifts of God, but gifts that we can throw away. They are gifts that need to be nurtured and maintained. We cannot take them for granted, taking refuge in the fact that we may be wise and discerning right now. We need to continue to strive after them and to seek them. We need to learn from Solomon that even the wisest man today may be the greatest fool tomorrow. We depend on grace, even to sustain our wisdom and discernment.


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