An Atheist’s View of a Roman Catholic Wedding

I read a random and interesting blog from an atheist today regarding My first Roman Catholic wedding experience.

He states that the officiator of the wedding was heavily stressing the “fear of the Lord.”  Read the whole thing for yourself, but of particular interest to me were the following:

Why, at a wedding, would a religious community think it a good idea to select a passage which emphasizes fear of the supposed heavenly father? It’s supposed to be a happy day. This passage also brought to mind the issue of morality. Does it really count as morality if one acts in certain prescribed ways—or believes that they are only acting in these ways—simply out of fear of a supposed universal dictator? If one is at a convenient store and the only reason that they do not steal a candy bar is because they believe that a police officer is looking at them, are they really acting morally? I would have thought that moral behaviour came not from fear of punishment, but from a genuine respect and consideration for the well-being of others and society. If I were to write my own moral code and were to use terms such as “blessed”, I would probably say something like “Blessed are those who are willing to fore-go personal benefits out of consideration for the well-being of others”.

As I read, I the post, I found myself strongly agreeing with the atheist.  Sadly, I think he points out a glaring misconception of what I actually means to follow Jesus.  More sadly, I think this misconception exists both inside and outside of the church.


~ by toddbumgarner on February 18, 2008 9:16 pm.

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