Provan on 1 Kings 11:9-13

In his commentary on 1 and 2 Kings, Iain Provan asks (commenting on 1 Kings 11:9-13 – i.e. the fall of Solomon):

Is the continuance of the Davidic dynasty really conditional upon obedience?  Or rather, will the wrongs of David’s successors in the end be punished with measures other than the deprivation of the dominon suffered by Saul (cf. 2 Sam. 7:11-16)?

Obviously, the question is rhetorical.  Provan does an excellent job, however, of pointing out this tension that runs through 1 and 2 Kings:  Did God really mean what he unconditionally promised David back in 2 Samuel 7?  So throughout Kings, we see this tension of the conditional vs. unconditional love of God.


~ by toddbumgarner on February 15, 2008 6:18 am.

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