Inside the Mind of Donald Miller – To Own a Dragon

A couple of blurbs from To Own a Dragon to serve as an example of why I will probably forever read everything that Donald Miller publishes.  The first two quotes come from Chapter 8 of this book which is titled, Making Decisions: How to Stay Out of Prison and give you a glimpse into his writing style and background.  The third comes out of Chapter 10, Sex: The Value of the Dollar in Argentina.

The thing about being irresponsible is it’s only cute till you are about twenty-two or so, then it becomes a liability.  One day you wake up under a pizza box, the television is blaring in your bedroom, the laundry piled up over what might be a bedside table, and you ask yourself, ‘How did my life get like this?  Why don’t people like me?  Didn’t I have a cat and what is that smell?’ (p112).


I was kind of amazed at how much of my time I had spent wondering around, not really knowing what I was doing or where I was going, only wanting random things in a random universe.  I don’t know how many months, how many years I spent sitting and watching television, complaining to myself about how boring life was. (p120).


“Unless you live in the suburbs and surround yourself with Christians who validate your identity, following Jesus is going to be difficult.” (p137).



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