Life and Teachings of Jesus


I started a new class for seminary this week called, the Life and Teachings of Jesus.  Thanks to Covenant Worldwide, all of the lectures for this class (in audio and text-formats), along with all of the notes are available online for free here.  You can follow along if you like.  The course is taught by Dr. Daniel Doriani.  The following blurb summarizes the class:

A study of the life and teachings of Jesus, with a special emphasis on the work of salvation that He accomplished. The class examines the historical setting of Jesus’ ministry and the special emphasis of each Gospel.

You can also check out all of the courses that these guys put out there for free on the Covenant Worldwide website, an excellent resource for anyone wanting to further their minds. 

One of the books I’ll be reading for this course is F.F. Bruce’s, Jesus: Lord and Savior.  I may make an occasional post regarding what I’m learning, or quotes from that book.  There a at least three other books I’ll be reading for the course and as I hit those, I’ll post about them as well.


~ by toddbumgarner on February 13, 2008 12:14 pm.

3 Responses to “Life and Teachings of Jesus”

  1. Cool man. I’d love to hear some stuff from that Bruce book. I’ve read his “Are the NT Documents Reliable” and some of his Romans commentary and found them really helpful and very readable.

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