I started an accountability relationship with another guy over a year ago, and since then, I have seen my life completely differently.  Having a relationship where I can openly confess my sins and talk about issues that I’m struggling with has been amazing.  I’ve seen areas of sin in my life conquered in ways I never thought was possible.  Don’t hear me incorrectly, I still struggle with sin and am certainly not perfect; however, through the power of confession and accountability and prayer, God is working to abolish some things that I’ve previously carried around by myself.

I recently came across a couple of posts on the topic and am going to share them here.  The first was helpful and although my friend and I have never had anything quite so formal, I think it provides a good template for the types of things we ought to be sharing with our closest friends as we try to figure out life together.  You can read that article here.  The authors point to some books on the topic, notably Bryan Chapell’s Holiness by Grace, which they quote:

One of my more meaningful automobile trips came when a church elder drove me from the airport to his church to preach. He said he had discovered his own walk with the Lord could be charted according to his level of accountability with other Christians. He said, “I have discovered in the Christian life that you are moving either toward or away from accountability.” Very few healthy things in the Christian life happen in secret. If you cannot or will not tell your spouse, your peers, or your superiors about something, then accountability falters. Our immersion in and integrity with these patterns of Christian association and accountability are ordinary means by which we grow in godliness (Holiness by Grace, pp. 138-39).

 The following are a couple of other articles by a guy named Jonathan Dodson that I have not yet read for myself but plan to soon.

Journal of Biblical Counseling and in Boundless.

May we not be so prideful to attempt to carry all of our burdens on our own.


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