Acts 29 Quarterly Regional Today

I attended the Acts 29 Quarterly Regional here in St. Louis today.  There was a great turn-out, about 150 guys – their largest turnout for a regional event thus far (so I’m told).  It was great to see so many people together interested in church planting.  The event was held at The Journey Church on Hanley Road in Clayton.

Darrin Patrick, lead pastor at The Journey, lectured in the morning session on the topic of leadership – good stuff mainly from 1 and 2 Timothy.

Anthony Bradley, associate professor at Covenant Theological Seminary, lectured in the afternoon session on the topic of biblical masculinity and leadership.  I was pretty blown away by it and will recommend it to every guy I know and post it here if/when they put it the audio online.

You can get a taste of his style and topic from a couple of his blog posts on the Resurgence website.  My favorite, which is on the topic that Professor Bradley spoke on today, is Jesus In A Pink Dress Overlooking The Grateful Dead, Part 1 and Part 2.

Over lunch I talked with a with a Tom Noblitt From Oak Bridge Christian Church down in South county.  Tom started his church about 4 years ago with 10 people and it has now grown to about 700 – meeting in a theatre.  You can learn more about Tom and his church from their website.


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