Tim Keller in Newsweek


Tim Keller is a pastor in urban NYC and guy I admire.  I’ve previously posted a link to several of his articles, etc online.  He was recently featured in a Newsweek article

Quotable from the article (commenting about his church):

There’s nothing sexy here. There’s no rock band, no drop-down theater-size video screen, no 100-member gospel choir—just a few chamber musicians and a couple of prayer leaders to help the congregation along in its hymns. The crowd at Redeemer Presbyterian is overwhelmingly young, single, professional and—for lack of a better word—sober.

Also important (especially with respect to the comment that he “believes in evolution”) are Tim’s follow-up comments regarding the article which can be read here.


~ by toddbumgarner on February 11, 2008 9:06 am.

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