Try Some New Music

Here is a sample of some of the stuff I’ve been listening to of late.  Andrew Bird is topping my list right now with his Imitosis song.  Click on any of the artists below to go to their MySpace page and sample full-length tracks that they’ve posted there.

Andrew Bird

Jon Foreman


Kevin Max


Mute Math


The Shins

The National


~ by toddbumgarner on February 6, 2008 1:22 pm.

One Response to “Try Some New Music”

  1. Hey Bumgarner,

    Thanks for listing your recommendations. There are a few groups in here I am definitely going to check out.

    Below are some groups I have been getting into lately thanks to all of the hippies down here in Austin. I am not sure how to make links but you can find videos on youtube. If you check out any of these groups be sure to listen to a couple tracks from Muse.

    The Knife
    TV on the Radio
    Explosions in the Sky
    The Arcade Fire

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