I’m Good at Math

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Meghan has noticed some decent math skills in our oldest as of late.  She’s been confirming these traits in her by telling her that her daddy is also good at math.

Today at the breakfast table thus went down like this:

Iris: Daddy, what’s 1 plus 1? (matter of factly like she knows but I don’t)

Me: 2.

Iris: What’s 2 plus 2?

Me: 4.

Iris: No it’s not.

Me: Yes it is.

Iris: (pause….)

Iris: Daddy, I’m good at math.

Gospel Community, Fight Clubs, & Friends

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We talk a lot about Gospel Community at 2 Pillars Church.  As we move forward with them, we are beginning to experience the tension that comes with them.  Some folks are looking simply for community.  Some are looking simply for mission.  Others are looking for friends.  But a Gospel Community, in some ways, is to be the fusion of all of these – centered around the gospel.

To that end, I’ve found the following helpful from Jonathan Dodson:

“Gospel community takes a lot of time, sweat, tears, repentance, failure, and love. A lot of gospel. It’s a command, for our good, for our collective gospel witness in the city, for God’s infinite glory. However, there’s a way to make progress as a person in community at a more personal pace. Friends. Not just any old friendship. Deep friendship. Real friendship that extends much deeper than shared hobbies, interests, and stage of life.”

Read Dodson’s entire post: “Community is a Command; Friendship Isn’t”.

On Work and Vocation

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Recently a man from our church asked me for some recommendations I could make regarding work, vocation, living missionally, and how that all goes together.  When I scanned my Evernote files, I found that over the last couple of years I had assembled many more books and articles on this topic than I knew.  Below is the list I sent him.

If you have struggled through the combination of work, vocation, and living missionally, perhaps one or more of these resources will be helpful for you as well.  I have read several of these and only skimmed others.  Chew well and spit out the bones.

  • Business for the Glory of God, Wayne Grudem
  • The Practice of the Presence of God, Brother Lawrence
  • “A Theology of Work”, Bob Thune
  • “How Should We Then Work”, Jonathan Dodson (A29 pastor in Austin, TX)
  • “Roles (Part 1)”, C.J. Mahaney
  • Redeeming the Time, Leland Ryken
  • Luther on Vocation, Gustaf Wingren
  • “Vocation Plans”, Alex Chediak
  • “Community and the Cubicle”, Jonathan Dodson
  • “Working Theologically”, Jonathan Dodson
  • “Working for the City”, Jonathan Dodson
  • “Working in the Image – and the Presence”, Dave Williamson
  • “Some Questions to Ask When Considering a Job”, John Piper
  • “Let it Flow Out: an Interview with N.T. Wright”
  • “Authority in Vocation”, Gene Veith
  • “God’s Will and Your Job”, R.C. Sproul (four part series)
  • Leading vs. Managing

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    I needed to hear this today.  My friend Josh Dix (from his blog, Thousand Yard Stare):

    I was talking one night with my wife when she mentioned the difference between leading and managing. Something in me pinged and I knew I was about to hear something I needed to learn.  I suspected I was managing more than I was leading.  So I asked her, “What do you think the difference is.”

    She began by saying, “Good managers help maintain the status quo, but a good leader inspires you to do more.  They take risks.  They understand your situation and context and lead out of that understanding.  They’re not just concerned with results but with the overall direction of what’s happening.

    Guest Posting This Week

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    This week I’ll be guest blogging on my friend Zach Nielsen’s blog, Take Your Vitamin Z.  Zach is a friend I made while at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis.  He was a distance student (as was/am I) from Albuquerque.  Zach is planting an Acts 29 church with another friend of mine up in Madison, Wisconsin.  Their church is called The Vine.  Check it out.

    Get Out of Dodge (I Mean Ur)

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    Someone pointed out to me this week that the name of our church plant recently made a Christianity Today blog post list of churches with weird names.

    Read the Out of Ur blog post A Church by Any Other Name (we’re #78…and in good company, I might add) then read about why we named the church 2 Pillars Church.

    Leaders Need a Sanctuary

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    “A sanctuary is a place of reflection and renewal, where you can listen to yourself away from the dance floor and the blare of the music, where you can reaffirm your deeper sense of self and purpose. It’s different from the balcony, where you go to get a wider perspective on the dynamics of your leadership efforts. Analyzing from the balcony can be hard work. In a sanctuary, you are out of that world entirely, in a place where you feel safe both physically and psychologically. The rules and stresses of everyday life are suspended temporarily. It is not a place to hide, but a haven where you can cool down, capture lessons from the painful moments, and put yourself back together.”

    -Heifetz and Linsky, Leadership on the Line. p 204.